OUT OF STOCK:DUE to COVID Supply issues we are out of stock of all 12ft and 6ft bumpers. We are working on sourcing but we are unsure when we will get stock here in Australia. Will keep you posted.

About Us

Our families have been boating now for over ten years, we've had a range of boats from small ski boats right up to large wake boats. We are lucky enough to have a dock where we moor our boats on the Murray River, and we are regular houseboat users.

The most challenging part of being on the water has been protecting our boat when it is docked either on the houseboat or any jetty but when we think we are all set another boat comes past creating a wash potentially damaging our docked boat.

We tried car tyres and small white buoys, but every time a boat went past the boat would be rubbing up against the tyre making tyre marks, the white fenders would then pop up out of the boat, and we were always worrying about if our boat was getting scratched or moving forward.

I thought there might be a better way to protect our boat when it's parked on a boat or a jetty, or even a houseboat. So I scoured the globe and the internet trying to find a longer style bumper, which would be easy to assemble and easy to put on the side of a jetty protecting it from scratching.

I came across a company called 'The Big Bumper Company' in America, who had been doing inflatable rubber boat fenders for a few years. They had a big market within the lakes in America where a lot of the boating happens - they go out for a full day, tie up boat-to-boat in the middle of the lake using the bumpers.

I thought it sounded perfect for what I needed so I bought one and had it shipped to Australia, set it up and it was just the best product for what I wanted. Easy to store, because you can deflate it and it quickly inflates over 20-45 seconds, while it sits there and protects your boat and you don't have to worry at all. So I rang the guys and then we did a deal with them - now we can bring those boat fenders out to Australia, under the name of 'Big Bumper Australia.' For any boat enthusiast and anyone that wants to protect their boat - I'm sure they all do - these products will certainly give you peace of mind to protect your boat from the wash and also from the jetties.

We love our BIG BUMPER and hope you do too.