OUT OF STOCK:DUE to COVID Supply issues we are out of stock of all 12ft and 6ft bumpers. We are working on sourcing but we are unsure when we will get stock here in Australia. Will keep you posted.


What sizes are the bumpers?
18-inch diameter, 4 sizes - 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, 12ft.

What colour do they come in?
Black only.

What is the warranty?
1 Year 

What type of rubber thickness and strength?
The bumper material is constructed of .90 mm reinforced PVC, with a scrim factor 26 x 24 material coating with 1000 denier polyester. 
Our Bumpers are very strong and can withstand heavy pressure. 

How long does it take to get delivered?
Between 5 and 10 business days from placing order.

How do I blow them up?
Using a small hand pump, the valve is a self-closing valve.

Will the bumper slowly deflate?
Like any inflatable, you just need to keep an eye on the inflation, and if you see that it starts to slowly deflate then top it up.

What type of bumpers would you use on bigger boats?
The 6 footers and the 12 footers.

How do I tie them onto my dock or houseboat?
There are 2 D-rings on the bumpers which you can attach ropes or clips to. 
The D-rings are stainless steel with enhanced webbing connections 

How do I clean the bumper?
Lukewarm water and a little bit of dishwashing detergent.

What happens if I get a hole in the bumper?
Each bumper comes with a repair kit, with a piece of rubber and glue.

What pressure load before it would pop?
The PSI designation is 3.5 PSI. The actual application pressure is determined to be approx 40 PSI. This means that the bumpers are designed to withstand a substantial bump or pressure from a good sized boat (up to 45-50 feet in length) or constant waves. We have yet to have any report of a bumper being punctured.

The diameter of the scrim material surrounding the valve attachment is 1/8 inch larger than any other bumper we evaluated, so the likelihood of a valve blowout is negligible.

How long does it take to blow up the Big Bumpers?
The 12 footer takes 45 seconds to inflate, the 6 footer takes 25 seconds to inflate, the 4 footer takes 15 seconds to inflate and the 2 footer takes 10 seconds to inflate.