OUT OF STOCK:DUE to COVID Supply issues we are out of stock of all 12ft and 6ft bumpers. We are working on sourcing but we are unsure when we will get stock here in Australia. Will keep you posted.

How to Use Your Inflatable Rubber Boat Bumper


  • Remove the BUMPER from the carton, unwrap the plastic and lay the bumper flat.
  • Twist the grey valve cap and remove it.
  • Push down and turn the valve spring, this opens the valve.
  • Use hand held pumps to inflate the BUMPER.
  • When desired inflation has occurred, twist the valve spring to close.
  • Lock the BUMPER with the grey valve cap.
  • Let the bumper have some "give" so it can absorb pressure.
  • Affix the BUMPER to either a vessel or dock.
  • Use the D clips on the end of the BUMPER to affix (marine rope best option).
  • Position the BUMPER to your desired position so your vessel can "bump" into.
  • DO NOT TIE VESSEL directly onto BUMPER as this may cause marking of your vessel. 
  • Keep your BUMPER clean of any dust and sand.