How to use your Bumper

Big Bumper Australia

  • Remove BUMPER from carton, unwrap plastic and lay bumper flat
  • Twist Grey Valve cap and remove 
  • Push down and turn valve spring, this opens the valve 
  • Use hand held pump to inflate BUMPER.
  • When desired inflation has occurred, twist valve spring to close.
  • Lock Bumper with grey valve cap
  • Let bumper have some "give" so it can absorb pressure
  • Affix BUMPER to either vessel or dock
  • Use the D clips on end of BUMPER to affix (marine rope best option)
  • Position BUMPER to your desired position so your vessel can "bump" into.
  • DO NOT TIE VESSEL directly onto Bumper as this may cause marking of your vessel. 
  • Keep your BUMPER clean of any dust and sand.